Web Hosting

Now you know what hosting is, you can see the value in it straight away. Without good servers and management, it can result in downtime which means loss of traffic and if your site is down repeatedly it can harm your Search Engine Optimization and Google ranking. With most hosting companies offering 99.8% uptime you can always rely on quality hosting companies like Amazon Web Servers, Cloud Servers and many more. The best thing to do here is to speak to your hosting company and ask them about what type of server you are on and ask for a report on the speed. All hosting companies can provide this for you.
Site Speed

Site speed is the most important factor in deciding your website performance. As half of the visitors expect to load a site within 2-3 seconds, if it takes more than this, the chances are higher that you may lose your potential audience.


Security is important for both the website owner and the audience. You should ensure security before purchasing web hosting for your own data and the data shared by the user. It also has an impact on your SEO factor. If your site is secure then you are free from online attackers.


Uptime and downtime are measured in percentage. If you choose poor quality hosting, your site will be down more which also has an impact on your SEO ranking. Choose the best hosting provider who gives the best security and resolve any issue immediately.

IP Location

It is recommended to choose hosting from your own country as the location of your host has an impact on your rankings. This factor may be considered by some search engines to rank websites. It also affects your website speed.


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, it is a combination of http with SSL/TLS to provide encrypted communication. Nowadays everyone is choosing HTTPS to protect the user data. Google also considers this as a little factor in rankings. If you want to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, contact the web hosting to get an SSL certificate.

Tech Support

You may easily get stuck anywhere and to solve your problem tech support team is there. Before purchasing hosting, you must ensure that someone is there for you to support 24/7. We Softifybd provide support both day and night.

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We offer high-value support to all of our customers. Our support is not limited to web server, but we also provide custom webdesign and developmentservice. We aim to provide the very highest level of services.
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